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    19 Of The Most WTF Things That Have Ever Happened In Swansea

    Never change, Swansea. Never change.

    1. When someone needed to go back to school.

    2. When the street fight to end all street fights took place.

    3. When this street performer put all other artists to shame.

    4. When the Christmas lights looked a little, umm, suspicious.

    5. When a mum wrote into a magazine with some useful parenting advice.

    6. When two takeaway owners had a disagreement and had to amend their marketing.

    7. When this fairytale encounter took place.

    8. Swansea: The city of love. ❤

    9. When a driver was fed up with having his permit overlooked.

    10. When Beer was to blame for an assault with a burger.

    11. When a family BBQ ended in tragedy.

    12. When a biker's journey was cut short.

    13. When a boat was christened with a nice, family-friendly name.

    14. When it all kicked off in local town council news.

    15. Seriously, Swansea council is like the real-life version of House of Cards.

    16. When a man went diving for change in the city's fountain.

    17. When a man got a little too excited in the local Debenhams.

    18. When a guest was unhappy with the service in Swansea prison.

    19. And when a student ended a night out in typical Swansea fashion.