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Turns Out We've Been Eating Chocolate Hobnobs Wrong, And Honestly, I'm Shaken

The world was a simpler, more beautiful place, until I learnt this fact.

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Looking for answers, Kelly Perryman went straight to McVitie's themselves.

And the truth is earth-shattering.


The world is not ready for this new information.

McVitie's has confirmed that the chocolate is on the BOTTOM of its biscuits. They're wrong. #NotHavingThat

I'm fuming that the chocolate on digestives is actually the BOTTOM of the biscuit. No it's fuckin not wtf McVities 😭🖕🏼.

@McVities can you confirm which is the top and the bottom of a chocolate digestive. I'm losing my mind

Speaking to the Metro, Kerry Owens, McVitie’s Marketing Director, clarified the fact:

"When we make our McVitie’s chocolate biscuits – whether that be Chocolate Hobnobs, Chocolate Digestives, or even Jaffa Cakes – they go through a reservoir of chocolate on the production line.

This essentially “enrobes” the bottom in chocolate – so we can confirm that the chocolate is officially on the bottom of the biscuits."


And it turns out there's also some advantages to eating them upside down.

Eat Hobnobs upside down. You get more chocolate on your tongue.

  1. Correct
    On the top, obviously
    On the bottom, like McVitie's said
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