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    17 Of The Most Tragic Things That Have Ever Happened To Breakfast

    Look away now, cereal fans.

    1. This bowl of cereal that's been cooled down with ice:

    Am I the only one that can't eat cereal without ice cubes?!! 😩😩😂

    2. This "bowl" of cereal that's actually a green pepper:

    3. This sorry attempt to make a waffle:

    4. This toast that's been burnt to a crisp:


    5. This bowl of cereal that's been covered in orange juice:

    6. And this extra-bland substitute for milk:

    Hannah actually ate her cereal with water😩😩😂😂

    7. This especially unappetising breakfast of pancakes and sausages:

    8. This total disaster that has the audacity to call itself a pancake:

    9. This cereal that's been unhelpfully meal prepped:

    My roommate meal prepped HIS FUCKIN CEREAL lmaooooo

    10. This toast that's somehow managed to catch fire:

    11. This bowl that's been filled with dozens of little milk cups:

    12. This '60 inspired breakfast nightmare:

    13. This kitchen disaster involving a waffle and a plastic plate:

    14. This once perfectly good breakfast that's been ruined with mayonnaise:

    15. This fried egg that's been drowned in pepper for some reason:

    16. This breakfast that could only ever have been created by a dad:

    17. And this attempt to create a cute breakfast that ended up looking demonic: