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    12 Ways Working In A Bookstore Is Not How You'd Expect It To Be

    "No, that's not available in paperback yet."

    1. Expectation: You'll develop a deeper love for literature.

    Reality: You start to develop a deep, searing hatred towards humanity.

    2. Expectation: Your interactions with customers will consist of intelligent discussions about books.

    Reality: Most conversations involve having to explain why new releases aren't yet available in paperback.

    3. Expectation: You'll spend spare time between serving customers reading a good book.

    Reality: You spend your spare moments daydreaming about home time.

    4. Expectation: The variety of books you sell will fill you with future reading recommendations and broaden your literary horizons.

    Reality: Enjoy selling a million copies of Nicholas Sparks books, because that's 90% of what you're selling.

    5. Expectation: You'll be handing out book recommendations to customers asking for your advice.

    Reality: Most customers just want to know where the shelf of bestsellers is.

    6. Expectation: You'll get to stock the shelves with beautiful and inspiring books.

    Reality: You stock the shelves with more fucking copies of that celebrity autobiography that seems to be selling well.

    7. Expectation: You'll get to order in a wide variety of books.

    Reality: You'll be reordering more goddamn copies of Fifty Shades of Grey.

    8. Expectation: You'll take a step back and proudly admire a book display you put together.

    Reality: You spend the rest of the day anxiously waiting for some fucker to destroy your beautiful display, because humans are inherently evil and not worthy of beauty.

    9. Expectation: Your artistic talents will be put to good use when you create a beautiful window display.

    Reality: You set up dull, uninspiring window displays.

    10. Expectation: You'll develop an encyclopaedic knowledge of where every book is located in-store.

    Reality: You just end up searching for everything on the in-store computer.

    11. Expectation: Every customer is a beautiful soul.

    Reality: Some customers are the devil in disguise.

    12. Expectation: You'll leap out of bed each morning excited to get to work and share your love of literature with the world.

    Reality: Nope, you're just as lazy as before, but now you work in a bookshop.