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    21 Pictures That Only Make Sense If You Experienced British High School

    Is there anything hotter than an old school radiator?

    1. This device that could make all your decisions for you:

    2. The ecstasy of doing this:

    3. This traumatic experience:

    Luke Bailey / BuzzFeed

    4. The only way to drink a Kwenchy Kup:

    5. This chart:

    Getty Images / / BuzzFeed

    6. The feeling of superiority that came with sitting at the back of assembly:

    Getty Images / HBO / BuzzFeed

    7. But sitting on one of these and feeling like you'd sat on a spike:

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    8. The absolute chaos that erupted if a dog got onto the school field:

    9. This surface which you were convinced was harder than the floor itself:

    Getty Images

    10. Nearly dying during the bleep test:

    11. This sign of boredom:

    12. Losing this game:

    13. This fix for all injuries:

    14. The new year sevens looking like this when they started:

    15. And half the school owning this bag:

    Nike / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    16. Accidentally brushing your hand under the table and making contact with decade old chewing gum:

    18. This school bus seating chart:

    Gerenme / Getty Images

    19. The excitement that came when the teacher wheeled out this bad boy:

    Getty Images / BBC / BuzzFeed

    20. This being the hardest decision you ever had to make:


    21. And how your shirt looked on the last day of school:

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