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24 Tweets That Show How Beautifully Strange The World Is

"Why did I make this?"

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1. When a disturbing discovery was made at the park:

Just found this massive syringe at my local park, right beside where the kids play football. Absolutely disgusting.

2. When Nicki Minaj took over Helsinki:

Someone put thousands of Nicki Minaj cardboard cutouts on the Helsinki Cathedral stairs in Finland.

3. And a giant cardboard Beyoncé terrified commuters:

Over Easter the wind blew an 8ft cardboard cut-out of Beyoncé onto the side of the Nunhead to Lewisham line.

4. When a man loved a milk:

5. When America was shown what's really important:

i replaced babies in these pictures with hotdogs to show america what really matters

6. When an 8-year-old put all other face-swaps to shame:

When your 8 year old brother pulls off the greatest executed face swap you've ever seen 😂

7. When a last-second diversion was made:

*swerves onto exit 208* Sorry mom something came up

8. When a grandmother had her sights set on Tony Bennett:

I think my grandma is planning on assassinating Tony Bennett.

9. When family photos went a little overboard:

Tbt to when my fish that lived for 3 years died and I didn't have a picture with it so I made my mom take one

10. When things were getting a little too Harry Potter:

My mom be putting ordinary shit into other shit. We don't need this for listerine. I feel like I'm in Harry Potter

11. When true love was found at a wedding:

often think about this moment from my parents wedding video where the cameraman just zoomed in on a plate of ham

12. When a beautiful animal was body-shamed:

i don't mean to body-shame, but this cat looks stupid as hell

13. When Bush's space programme was questioned:

how many babies did you send to space, bush. you fucker. how many babies are still up there

14. When commitment to a pun went next level:


15. When a cat travelled back in time:

When your cat goes through a French Revolutionist phase

16. When nightmares were made:

17. When a dog mysteriously appeared:

Just went outside cos I heard a weird noise. There's a dog. In a tree. In my garden.

18. And when a "dog" enjoyed having its tummy rubbed.

My dog loves it when I rub his stomach

19. When expression was denied:

Kicked out of school because I expressed myself

20. When texting got deep:

21. When an alternative use was discovered for Putin:

Tiny Putin makes a wonderful table centrepiece for any occasion.

22. When a seal attacked:

Never ran so hard before in my life💀

23. When a curious tattoo was spotted:

why does ryan mason have a tattoo of my when i was 12??????

24. And when a prom date had no chill:

i was going through my moms old high school photos and