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    16 Ways The Internet Appears Different When You Have Anxiety

    You always end up stressing about how unglamorous your life appears.

    1. Netflix feels more like a clock that's counting all the time you spend indoors being antisocial.

    2. Posting photos on Instagram is a nightmare, especially when it comes to selfies.

    3. And you always end up stressing about how unglamorous your life appears.

    4. Facebook feels like a constant popularity contest, where everything you post is being measured by number of likes.

    5. And all your previous acquaintances are there, ready for you to compare yourself to.

    6. Nothing brings fear to you heart like a notification telling you that you've been tagged in a photo.

    7. And pretty much every event invite feels insincere, if not downright sarcastic.

    8. Pinterest is just an album of impossible to achieve goals.

    9. Twitter brings about a different kind of anxiety.

    10. It feels like others are waiting to scrutinise everything you post.

    11. And oh god, then there's the subtweets that are definitely about you.

    12. All events on your calendar are disasters waiting to happen.

    13. LinkedIn is pretty much a site that just screams out "I’m a massive imposter, when are they going to realise?"

    14. Emails are all potential messages of doom.

    15. Online dating is HELL.

    16. Especially when it comes to making small talk.