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16 Ways The Internet Appears Different When You Have Anxiety

You always end up stressing about how unglamorous your life appears.

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3. And you always end up stressing about how unglamorous your life appears.

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Especially when your timeline is pretty much just cat photos interspersed with the occasional photo of a dog you saw on public transport.


5. And all your previous acquaintances are there, ready for you to compare yourself to.

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Remember that guy you went to high school with who was really into horses? Well he's now a pilot. Oh, and that girl you really hated for a reason you don't even remember? Well she just got engaged. Meanwhile you were happy about not burning your dinner before you logged on.


8. Pinterest is just an album of impossible to achieve goals.

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It's just a constant reminder that you'll never have the drive to make an artsy bookcase out of recycled wooden pallets. Hell, you can't even be bothered to put the ironing board away.

10. It feels like others are waiting to scrutinise everything you post.

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The number of serious, funny, and intelligent people on the site makes your own attempts at tweeting feel like you're dumping trash into everyone's garden.


12. All events on your calendar are disasters waiting to happen.

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That meeting with your boss at 4pm? That's obviously to fire you. Jan's birthday drinks next Tuesday? That's a ruse: They're firing you then, too. That's right, you're getting fired twice, because one firing just isn't enough.

13. LinkedIn is pretty much a site that just screams out "I’m a massive imposter, when are they going to realise?"

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If I knew my CV would live online as part of some social media site used primarily by middle-aged office workers named Ian or that kid from high school who wore his dad's suit to the school disco, I probably would have made more of an effort tbh.