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17 Welsh Attractions That Are Actually Really Rubbish

"Nothing that a dog can really destroy."

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2. Conwy Castle: "Nothing that a dog can really destroy."

Flickr: perki496 / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

"I'm amazed at how dog unfriendly Wales seems to be and this place is a great example. It's essentially some stone walls and then grass inside, nothing that a dog can really destroy."


8. Portmeirion: "Nothing makes any sense."

Flickr: eifion / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

"We cannot formulate an expression using tangible words from any language that would even begin to express just how confused we were after visiting portmeirion."

11. Dolaucothi Gold Mines: "Am I little simple?"

Flickr: petereed / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

"I phoned Dolaugothi Gold Mine and was assured that I would be able to pan for gold at the site. Am I little simple? This indicated to me that there was some prospect of actually finding gold in Wales...seemed worth looking into! They even give you a little plastic envelope to put your gold in."


15. St. Fagans National History Museum: "There is a Large carpark."

Flickr: 119886413@N05 / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

"Always wanted to go here. There is a Large carpark . The houses and building are a waste of time the staff just stand there. Only few thing in each house, could have done alot more to make them look interesting."

16. Llandaff Cathedral: "It looks like Mr Burns from The Simpsons."

Flickr: jamesstringer / Creative Commons / / BuzzFeed

"I'm not the most religious dude your ever going to meet. Its a Small cathedral as they go and a parking is hard. For me its worth a trip to go and see the effigy of Christ on the cross. As far as I can make out it looks like Mr Burns from The Simpsons. Let me know what you think?"


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