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    19 Everyday Things That Ruin A Welsh Person's Day

    Arriva Trains Wales, for a start.

    1. When someone attempts to imitate a welsh accent.

    2. Catching a bus that takes a detour through every small town and village – turning a 30 minute journey into a two hour one.

    3. And if you live in a small town or village, having no buses running to your home past 6pm.

    4. When you're using Microsoft Word and it creates a sea of red lines every time you type something in Welsh.

    5. And autocorrect making it near impossible to type anything at all in Welsh.

    6. When a tourist complains to you personally about the weather.

    7. Arriva Trains Wales.

    8. Train announcements being twice as long because they’re read out in both Welsh and English.

    9. When your favourite band goes on a UK tour and completely misses out Wales.

    10. Being asked to explain every location in reference to where it is from Cardiff.

    11. And then inevitably being asked “Is that in the Valleys?”

    12. When you meet a non-Welsh person who knows someone from Wales and asks you if you know them.

    13. Especially when it turns out you do know that person.

    14. When someone makes a goddamn sheep joke.

    15. When you want to watch Channel 4 on Sky but enter the number 104, taking you to S4C.

    16. When someone just even make the slightest bit of effort to pronounce a Welsh name or location.

    17. Still having to layer up your clothing in July.

    18. Wanting to buy something on Sunday but all the stores being shut.

    19. And when you struggle to get any goddamn phone signal.