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    17 Times The #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents Hashtag Was Way Too Real

    "Why's your last name different than your mom's last name?"

    1. Spending way too much of your life living out of a suitcase.

    going back and forth between houses and taking your life with you #growingupwithdivorcedparents

    2. Sending this text pretty much every other week.

    3. When one parent uses the other as an insult.

    #growingupwithdivorcedparents always being told you got the bad qualities from the opposite parent.

    4. And you're in no mood to argue.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents nodding in agreement whilst they slag the other parent off just because you can't be bothered to argue

    5. Being unsure of how to answer the dreaded sibling question.

    #growingupwithdivorcedparents "How many siblings do you have?"

    6. And always hearing this question.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents "why's your last name different than your mom's last name?" literally get this all the damn time

    7. Having two Christmases 🎅🎅

    8. Always being caught in the middle of your parents.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents You're C3PO and your parents are the storm troopers

    9. Always forgetting things between houses.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents forgetting your charger when switching houses

    10. But always having an excuse to fall back on.

    11. Eating all of the junk food at your dad's.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents when its your dad's weekend and you get to pick the food

    12. Hearing this classic line.

    "Why don't you ask your dad if he can pay half?" #growingupwithdivorcedparents

    13. And knowing shit had gone down when you heard it put more bluntly.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents "Ask your dad to pay for it. Since he never pays for anything else."

    14. This problem that bothered you more than it ever really should have.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents when someone calls your stepmom or stepdad your real mom or dad and you're just like

    15. Being issued with the "if you don't like it, go live with your dad" threat/challenge more times than you care to remember.

    #growingupwithdivorcedparents "if you don't like it here go live with your dad"

    16. This feeling.

    17. And finally, the small victory of having one parent take your side.

    #GrowingUpWithDivorcedParents when you piss off one parent and the other one takes your side

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