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24 Slightly Disturbing Pictures Of People Drinking All Wrong


1. Could you ever truly trust someone who drank their tea through a straw?

2. Tea is not a soft drink.

3. Neither is wine.

4. Is soup even a drink? Either way, it definitely shouldn't be drunk through a straw.

5. PSA: Drinking boiling hot beverages out of glasses is NOT A GOOD IDEA.

6. There's a time and a place for tea, and the toilet isn't one of them.

7. And there's no place for drinking out of a bag.

8. Especially milkshake.

9. And even when a drink like wine comes in a bag, it's probably best to go ahead and use a glass.

10. Like this classy individual has done with their Mountain Dew.

11. Speaking of classy, you know what's super sophisticated? Drinking champagne out of a mug.

12. This is just so wrong.

13. So, so wrong.

14. How can anyone even ingest this much sugar?

15. This is just being impractical for the sake of it.

16. And this? This is an insult to mugs everywhere.

17. Drinking Pepsi from a Coke glass is just cheeky.

18. And Coke from a Pepsi glass? Someone call the damn police, we have a mad man over here.

19. Milk with ice. Let that sink in. Milk. With. Ice.

20. Yes. Yes you are the only one who drinks this.

21. What did this poor, innocent juice pouch do to deserve this?

22. We have forsaken God.

23. Why would ANYONE do this?

24. And finally, there's this disaster. Tea with ice AND a straw.