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    29 Toys That Will Give You Intense Flashbacks

    Crocodile Dentist prepared you for life.

    1. There was no greater technological advancement than that of the Super Soaker 50.

    2. Your choice between Pokémon Red or Blue pretty much summed up who you were as a person.

    3. Experiencing the ball make its way to the end of course on Mousetrap was the childhood equivalent of crack.

    4. The Fisher-Price Great Adventures Castle gave us all unachievable property goals.

    5. Polly Pockets stretched the definition of pocket-sized.

    6. Almost everything was pocket-sized.

    7. K'Nex made a whole decade of kids feel like engineers long before Minecraft burst onto the scenes.

    8. Street Sharks have yet to be outdone in the crime-fighting half-man/half-shark genre.

    9. My Little Pony was still all innocent.

    10. Sky Dancers were the funnest way of nearly breaking ornaments in your parent's house.

    11. Home Alone made everyone want to own a Talkboy.

    12. Crocodile Dentist put us all off pursuing a career in reptile dentistry.

    13. Real-life pets were made redundant with the introduction of the Tamagotchi.

    14. Pogs briefly became the global currency.

    15. Beanie Babies promised future riches.

    16. And Beanie kids, which were just kind of creepy tbh.

    17. Razor scooters were the leading cause of childhood injuries.

    18. The PlayStation 1 ushered in a new generation of gaming.

    19. Toys within toys were a thing.

    20. And the Micro Machine Super Van City took the idea one step further.

    21. The Bop It made us all feel like we were improving our memories and becoming geniuses in the process.

    22. The Mr Frosty Ice Maker allowed everyone to feel like an ice cream truck owner.

    23. Toys had great names. Great names that rhymed.

    24. Gooey Louie was a thing.

    25. A bucket was somehow made entertaining.

    26. Boglins were kind of like goblins, but not.

    27. Koosh Balls really stretched the definition of "ball".

    28. Stretch Armstrongs everywhere were stretched to breaking point.

    29. And everyone believed they could teach a toy to swear.