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    These Photos Prove Just How Iconic The Queen's Fashion Really Is

    Making it reign.

    Queen Elizabeth II: the longest-reigning British monarch, famous corgi owner, and the ultimate fashion icon.

    While most of us look like human garbage in the rain, the Queen just steps up her game.

    How? By colour coordinating her umbrellas with her outfits.

    That's right, she literally always matches her umbrellas to her outfit.

    This is how the average person looks operating an umbrella.

    "Like, seriously?"

    Whereas this is how the Queen looks using an umbrella.


    Here's another beautiful pairing for good measure.

    Check out the look of umbrella envy on this guy's face.

    This is the look of a man who knows he's been upstaged.

    Here she is with a more subtle pairing.

    It's truly breathtaking.

    Seriously, how many umbrellas does she own???

    Bow down to the Queen.