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26 Times Humans Took The Internet Way, Way Too Far

We need to be stopped.

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1. When we created this website to let us know if today's the day Marty McFly travelled Back to the Future.

2. When we hated Comic Sans enough to create a font celebrating that hate.

3. When we thought the world needed a Facebook group to share low-resolution images of a British politician.

4. When we messed with the news by creating an app that changed a dictator's name to that of a reality TV star.

5. When we needed a list for our lists.

6. But then decided that wasn't enough, so built a list of lists of lists.

7. When we created a fan page for Megan Fox's thumbs.

8. When our grandparents started tagging Grandmaster Flash into their Facebook statuses.

And we all just sat back and laughed…

And we all just sat back and laughed…

…and then laughed some more.

…and then laughed some more.

10. When we thought NWA didn't swear enough, so we edited Straight Outta Compton to only contain the explicit parts.

11. When we used the internet to fund the invention of a single-use monocle.

12. When we used the internet to spread strange religious messages.

13. When we thought a Twitter account posting random porn comments would be a funny idea.

14. When we took out our frustrations by creating a website allowing us to slap a man in the face with an eel.

15. When we fed a venus flytrap human food and filmed it for our entertainment.

16. When we set up a Tumblr for posting a picture of '90s sitcom star Dave Coulier every goddamn day.

17. And created one for sharing our sexual attraction to Danny DeVito.

18. When we started leaving the confines of the virtual world by creating a website where beard owners and beard strokers could finally meet.

19. When seeing our IP address on screen wasn't enough for us, so we created a website to cry it out for us.

20. When we took surveillance to the extreme and set up a 24/7 live-stream of a static fast food meal for cultural reasons.

21. When we left a website blank. On purpose.

22. When we pushed logic to its very limited and shared theories about a TV character secretly being a carnivorous insect.

23. When we couldn't decide what Ja Rule song to listen to, so we created a website to help us with the difficult decision.

24. When we fell victim to greed and bought up domain names in the hope of selling them to orange juice businesses.

25. When someone thought they remembered a bizarre product from the '90s that never existed.

So we decided to make it.

That's right, we made Hulk Hogan meat storing shoes.

26. And finally, when we came up with this ingenious solution to know if our computers were even switched on.