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    21 Times Tumblr Took Minion Hate To A Whole New Level

    Trigger warning: Minions.

    1. When a user witnessed an appropriate response to Minion merchandise.

    2. When they realised minion fetishists exist.

    3. When they appropriately renamed some minions.

    4. When they got fed up with minions trying to tell us how to live.

    5. The time a dog got hold of a minion.

    6. When they embraced the sweet escape of death.

    7. When they got to the heart of what's truly ruining the sanctity of marriage.

    8. When they gave us something to be thankful for.

    9. The time a user got fed up with a sex hungry minion.

    10. When they deciphered the true meaning of the pope's tweet.

    11. When they created the worst insult imaginable.

    12. When they had suggestions for these items of clothing.

    13. When they just spoke the goddamn straight up truth.

    14. When they made us wish for simpler times.

    15. The time they found the true face of evil.

    16. When they showed just how dedicated to minion hating they were.

    17. When they wrote their last known wishes.

    18. When they rejoiced in the destruction of a Minion themed cake.

    19. When they admitted to a new sexual fetish.

    20. When they focused on the most important question you should ask a potential partner.

    21. And finally, the time they snapped and actually burned a minion.

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