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    17 Times Richard Ayoade Was The Hero We Needed

    "The heartbreaking realisation that you are no longer asleep."

    1. When he described the perfect ending to a night out.

    2. When he perfectly described waking up.

    3. When he just wanted one of his five a day.

    4. When he showed his emotional range.

    5. When his Twitter game was on point.

    6. When he explained his stance on other people.

    7. The time he shared his opinion on the correlation between merit and success.

    8. When he exploited the capitalist machine.

    9. When he was just happy to be out of the house.

    10. The time he perfectly summed up the beach.

    11. When he wasn't afraid to call out a fuck-up.

    12. When he gave advice on boosting self-confidence.

    13. When he described his inner-self.

    14. When he wasn't too keen on football.

    15. Or tennis.

    16. When he was all about the tea.

    17. And finally, when he just wanted to live.

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