17 Times Pixar Movies Were Even Smarter Than You Thought They Were

Looks like it's time for another rewatch.

1. In Up, all of the possessions on Ellie's side of the bed are round, whereas everything on Carl's side is square — the same shapes as their character design.

2. Prior to getting hit by lightning, Wall-E only has one bar of battery remaining. After getting struck he's fully charged.

3. In Toy Story, the carpet in Sid's house looks eerily similar to the carpet that lines the hallways of the hotel from The Shining.

4. Pixar must be pretty big fans of The Shining, because a painting of the movie's infamous twins can be seen in Coco.

5. The first Toy Story also features a quick reference to the iconic chestburster scene from Alien.

6. And another movie reference occurs in Toy Story 2, when Rex appears in the reflection of a car mirror, similar to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

7. In Monsters, Inc., Sully's chair has a hole in it so he can sit comfortably without resting on his tail.

8. Keeping up the attention to detail, the break room of the Monsters, Inc. factory features different sized coffee cups to accommodate all the different monsters.

9. In The Incredibles, the phone number on Mirage's business card spells "SUPRHRO" when typed out on a phone's keypad.

10. If you pay close attention during the opening credits of Toy Story 2, you can spot the famous Pixar lamp amongst the stars.

11. When we first see Anton Ego's office in Ratatouille it resembles a coffin, and his typewriter looks like a skull.

12. In Cars, one of Lightning McQueen's rivals is a vehicle with the number 84 and an Apple logo. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was Pixar's CEO, and 1984 was the year Apple released their first personal computer.

13. Another Apple reference can be found in Monsters, Inc. when Mike picks up a magazine containing an advert with the slogan "scare differently", a parody of Apple's "think differently" slogan.

14. In a blink-or-you'll-miss-it scene, this pun on Pixar director John Lasseter's name can be spotted in Cars 2.

15. In Toy Story, a tool box inscribed with the word "Binford" can be seen. Binford Tools is a fictional company from Home Improvement, the sitcom that launched the career of Buzz Lightyear's voice actor, Tim Allen.

16. The animators of Finding Dory deserve some recognition for somehow managing to give a receding hairline to a fish.

17. And finally, the names on the boots of Woody and Buzz clearly show that Andy's handwriting has improved as he's aged.