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19 Times Shit Really Hit The Fan In Wales

Total anarchy.

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1. When the South Wales Argus published this scoop.

2. When Llwchwr town council resembled an Aaron Sorkin drama.

3. When a family fell victim to some stale bread.

4. When a daring rescue took place.


5. When the heist of the century occurred.

6. When a footpath won over the nation.

7. When police discovered something suspect between a criminal's legs.

8. When a village was graced with a new bin.

9. When a criminal went too damn far.

10. When Swansea descended into absolute anarchy.

11. When a natural disaster shook the nation to its core.

12. When extra-terrestrial visitors paid a visit.

13. When law and order broke down in Aberystwyth.

14. When Wales was gripped over a duck saga.

15. When this dangerous criminal was finally caught.

16. When Swansea council considered an innovative update.

17. And made bold steps towards the future.

18. When this incident occurred.

19. And finally, when Wales was home to the biggest mystery of the 21st century.