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    19 Times Hipsters Completely Ruined Furniture

    What's wrong with a nice simple chair?

    1. When this cafe thought a sawn-in-half bathtub would make a nice place to sit.

    This is a new one for a hipster cafe: half a bathtub as dining chair #wewantseats cc:@wewantplates

    2. When this actual park bench was made with the intention to be sat upon.

    This is a bench. Yes, all 7 of those signs say just that. Weird, or do I just not get it? #halifax

    3. When oil drums were recycled into chairs for some reason.

    And the seats in the restaurant earlier are made of drums?

    4. When a cafe decided to bring the fun of the playground indoors.

    when we went to a restaurant in Amsterdam with swing seats

    5. And when a bar decided that swinging seats definitely weren't a safety hazard.

    6. When a sink was switched out for a good old-fashioned bucket.

    Just when you think life couldn't get anymore hipster 🙄🙄 #smokeBarbecue #Glasgow #bucket #sink

    7. When this place thought "hey, you know what people want to think about while eating? Toilets!"

    8. And when this cafe went just a little bit further and allowed you to eat at some urinals.

    Hipster culture getting a little out of hand in Hackney....having a morning coffee in a urinal...

    9. When a cooker was transformed into a sink/bin combo.

    What at be the most #Hipster thing ever - this is an oven made into a sink, and combined with a bin. #facepalm #smh

    10. When this cafe went for a poltergeist-themed decor.

    How to build a hipster cafe: have floating chairs.

    11. When milk cans were deemed a good alternative to urinals.

    Is this the ultimate hipster toilet? NY? Berlin? London? Nah, Otley folk festival mate.

    12. When this disturbing seat was made.

    13. When an uncomfortable-looking tractor seat served as a stool.

    Hipster chairs. Where I grew up, sitting in these meant you were doing labor of some kind…

    14. When this place went into full "fuck it" mode and placed some plastic crates on top of some steel poles.

    The chairs are getting a little too hipster around here. #Vancouver

    15. When a bar improvised a table out of a goddamn ironing board.

    An ironing board makes a great table. Bloody hipster bars .

    16. When this posh-looking place went full hipster with these unicycle stools.

    17. When a mini chest was used to serve some chicken wings.

    @WeWantPlates a Treasure Chest of wings?? Really??

    18. When a simple toilet flush just wasn't cool enough.

    19. And when a Canadian store sold a very natural wooden bed.

    Birch tree bed! My dirty Canadian nature hipster soul has never felt such joy! #wondersofTheBay

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