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    16 Times Falkor The Luck Dragon Was Just So Fucking Great

    Let Falkor into your heart.

    1. When his kind eyes shone with the beauty and power of a million stars.

    2. When Atreyu lived out our dreams and gave Falkor a stroke behind the ears.

    3. And he uttered these immortal words:

    4. When he gave us a wink, and for one second we felt reassured that everything in life was going OK.

    5. When he confidently urged Atreyu to enter the Ivory Tower.

    6. When Bastian just flat-out rode him like a trackless roller coaster made of dreams.

    7. And the wind graciously blew against Falkor's fur.

    8. Check out that frizz-free hair.

    9. Even terrible CGI couldn't detract from his natural beauty.

    10. When he blended seamlessly with the clouds like an invisible angel.

    11. When his naturally bejazzled skin glistened with glory.

    12. And the way it shone pink under a certain light.

    13. When we saw him in his full, glorious 43ft frame.

    14. When he swooped down on the streets of Vancouver.

    15. And then chased down Bastian's bullies and forced them into the trash like the garbage they were.

    16. And finally, the fact that three decades on he's still an icon.