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23 Times David Mitchell Perfectly Summed Up Life

"I'm sorry, I'm not going to dance: It's the very thing I stand against."

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1. When he just had the worst time trying to bake.

2. When he yawned his feelings.

3. When he described having a lackluster knowledge on music.

4. And showed just how out of the pop culture loop he was.

5. The time he had this to say about The Daily Mail:

6. When he was definitely not going to dance.

7. And had the perfect response after being asked to.

8. When he messed up the one thing he had to do.

9. When he had his own definition of success.

10. The time he had this to say about politicians:

11. When he pretty much just summed up life.

12. When he hated being noticed.

13. When he described his everyday life.

14. When he had this reaction to an unexpected hug:

15. The time he gave this great answer:

16. When he gave a straight-up anwser.

17. The time he summed up the perfect life.

18. When he described being single.

19. And eating alone.

20. When he dealt with pen borrowers.

21. The time he described his wardrobe.

22. When he wasn't a fan of music or football.

23. And when he had this stance on the human race: