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19 Of The Sweariest Things To Have Happened In Britain

Nobody does it better.

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1. When someone had a little fun in the herb section.

2. Seriously, Britain loves a good swear in the herb section.

3. When this weather report quickly went south.

4. When someone responded in the most Scottish way possible to their local fast food joint closing down.

5. The time Countdown got a little too real.

Channel 4

6. When The Telegraph made a Freudian typo.

Flickr: skepchick / Creative Commons

7. When someone rearranged a towel display.

Flickr: sambeckwith / Creative Commons

8. The time a reporter let slip the c-word on live television.

9. Once upon a time when someone named a town Shitterton.

Flickr: hobler / Creative Commons

10. The time a supermarket offered this local delicacy.

11. When this woman's T-shirt was offering more than just a drink.

12. The time this flag was proudly waved at Glastonbury.

13. When these football supporters turned out to be exceptionally good at anagrams.

14. When someone came up with this team acronym.

15. When this takeaway offered a unique service.

16. When the BBC welcomed in a new year.

17. When this sign avoided all subtext and got straight to the point.

18. The time a pub was renamed The Cock and Seaman.

19. When this news story appeared.