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    27 Pictures Of Technology That Will Burn A Nostalgia Shaped Hole In Your Heart

    Remember to rewind.

    1. This Sony Discman which was once the height of portable music.

    2. This Blockbuster rental that comes with a friendly reminder.

    3. This CD flip case that saves space that the CD cases would normally take up.

    4. These floppy disks who once ruled the transferable storage game.

    5. This space stealing, but beautiful, VHS collection.

    6. This Motorola Razr which made ending a phone call seem extra cool.

    7. This Nintendo classic.

    8. This AOL CD which brought free internet to millions.

    9. This solitary N64 controller that's just begging to be played with.

    10. These photo negatives, a memory in themselves.

    11. This demo that came with the first Playstation.

    12. This Polaroid camera which is just as magical today.

    13. This fluffy Furby.

    14. This memory card, offering up 8mb of happy memories.

    15. This extra annoying MSN notification.

    16. This infuriatingly addictive game that once ruled our lives.

    17. This towering case of CDs.

    18. This Palm Pilot PDA.

    19. This unused collection of disposable film.

    20. This iconic burger phone.

    21. This Casio G-shock, the watch of the '90s.

    22. This Pokémon database that preceded Wikipedia.

    23. This old, worn out PC.

    24. This overhead projector, the sign of a boring lesson about to start.

    25. This Tamagotchi, begging to be fed.

    26. This dusty cassette player.

    27. This holiday necessity: The disposable camera.

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