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23 Soul-Destroying Pictures Of Food And Drink

What kind of a monster puts an empty milk carton back in the fridge?!

1. This unspeakable tragedy.

My biscuit just all broke into my tea :(

2. This act committed by a monster.

The person who finished the milk has a cheek ... Left the empty bottle in the fridge 😔

3. When tins just won't stack.

4. This impossible-to-fix situation.

Why do milk cartons do this!?? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO OPEN THE FOIL BIT WITH NO TAB!!!! #MilkProblems

5. Which is a reoccurring problem with dairy products.

worst thing ever...when your yogurt tab rips off... #NOOOOOO

6. This realistic-looking fry that'll trick you into making a grab for it.

7. This assault on a sugar bowl.

8. This photo that perfectly captures the increased difficulty in getting your food served on a damn plate.

9. This fridge compartment that can hold only 11 eggs, because everyone buys eggs in odd numbers, right?

10. When this happens.

11. And then happens again.

12. This newly bought bag of air.

13. This struggle that was the bane of your childhood.

14. When the butter just won't spread and tears straight through the bread.

15. "Fuck balancing." –This pan

16. When reality doesn't live up to expectations.

17. This hot liquid reservoir.

18. This not-so-sweet bottle design.

19. When straws say "fuck you," and decide to float.

20. This act that should land its perpetrator in prison.

21. This unwanted invitation to go fishing.


22. This all too common problem with atom-thin cereal bags.

There is nothing worse then when you rip the bag trying to open a new box of cereal...😠

23. And finally, this unforgivable act.

Don't you just hate it when people put the empty wrappers back in the box #thatsmethatis #lol

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