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    Here's Everything That Marcel The Monkey Has Been Up To Since "Friends"

    Spoiler: It's pretty damn impressive.

    We all remember Ross’ pet monkey, Marcel, even 20 years after he was last seen on Ross’ shoulder. So what's he been up to since?

    Warner Bros. Television

    Well, for starters, he is actually a she.

    Allure / Via

    Marcel was played by white-headed capuchin monkey named Katie. We spoke to Katie's handler, who told us all about Katie's stunning career.

    After her career-launching role in Friends, Katie led the way for future Friends alumni by breaking into Hollywood.

    Universal Pictures / BuzzFeed

    Here she is with a show-stealing performance in Bruce Almighty.

    And it's not just movies. Here she is guest starring in an episode of 30 Rock.


    Just chilling on set with Ariana Grande.


    Commercials are also an important part of 25-year-old Katie's work schedule.

    Sears / BuzzFeed

    Oh, and she's a model now, too.

    And when she's not relaxing in her California residence between shooting, she also serves as the mascot for the LA Angels baseball team.

    Paul Spinelli / Getty Images

    Overall, not bad for a primate.


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