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18 Parents Who Are Tired Of Their Children's Facebook Behaviour

They're done with this shit.

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1. Debbie, who's tired of Nick's dirty thoughts.

2. This dad who's hoping it's finally the year his spawn wises up.

3. This mother who isn't holding back.

4. This dad who's just written Taylor Swift's next hit single.

5. And Derek's mother, who's had it with her son's late-night antics.

6. This dad who told it like it is.

7. This father who's more disappointed than angry.

8. This mother who's having none of it.

9. This mom who isn't afraid to enforce "thirsty Friday."

10. This mother giving out some simple advice.

11. Jordan's mother, who made a mistake in naming her son.

12. ThIs DaD WhO NeEdS A HaNd ClEaNiNg ThE GaRaGe.

13. This guy's mother who isn't happy about her son's driving plans.

14. This dad serving some fatherly logic.

15. This mother dropping the mother of all truth bombs.

16. Tami, who's in no mood for her daughter's spelling errors.

17. This grammar-checking mom.

18. And finally this mother, who didn't even give her child a chance.