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    24 Things You'll Know If You're Low-Key Obsessed With Daytime TV

    The television we deserve.

    1. When you're home with nothing to do during the day, British TV is always there for you.


    2. Especially when you're ill.

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    3. Somehow daytime TV is even better when you're still in your pyjamas.

    4. Even junk food seems of a higher quality when accompanied by daytime TV.

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    5. The good stuff starts at 9:30, so you can skip the boring news programmes and have a lie-in.

    6. You know Jeremy Kyle is wrong, but you can't help yourself.

    7. Even boring shows like Homes Under the Hammer are strangely interesting.


    So much tension during the auctions.

    8. There's no greater thrill than checking in to see if any batshit insane stuff is coming up on This Morning.

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    There almost always is.

    9. And if something really weird is coming up you make a mental note to return to it.

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    10. Watching TV at lunchtime makes you absolutely convinced that they're hiding the good TV from people who might be on a work break.


    If they showed Flog it! at lunch, no one would go back to work.

    11. That's the best excuse you've come up with for the existence of Loose Women, anyway.

    12. Watching TV on ~scheduled~ days off just isn't the same.

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    Because, tbh, you feel kind of guilty lying about watching TV when you could be doing other things.

    13. Plus on bank holidays the TV schedule often changes.

    14. You know that the real TV villains are students on Bargain Hunt.

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    They clearly have no interest in antiques or car boot sales and are just there for the bants.

    15. And you're wise enough to never let the 60 Minute Makeover team into your house.

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    If they ever knocked on your door you'd tell them where to go.

    16. Your remote gets a good workout hopping between channels.

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    17. The afternoon means one thing: quizzes.

    18. Especially Countdown, which actually makes you feel less lazy.

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    It's a mental workout.

    19. Not to mention shows like Escape to the Country, which give you aspirations of living a quiet life away from other people.

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    Daytime TV is actually pretty inspirational when you think about it.

    20. Who hasn't been inspired to have a good cleanout after an episode of Cash in the Attic?

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    21. You still sometimes miss the good old days of Trisha.

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    22. Sure, you could watch high-budget, ~interesting~ shows on Netflix, but it's just not the same.


    23. It's a British institution.

    24. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and daytime TV is yours.

    Twitter: @jodihalbert

    God bless our weird, wonderful, and unique daytime programming.

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