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23 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up In The Middle Of Goddamn Nowhere

"We're not a taxi service." – Your parents.

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3. Boredom was a constant, painful, and very real struggle.

[i sweetly pet a wild baby deer in my lap] aww this is so boring

4. So you spent most of your teenage years getting drunk in secluded areas.

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Usually in the park, or if you were ~cool~ enough, in a skatepark.


6. And when you weren't drinking, your plans consisted of simply standing around in different locations.

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Doing nothing. Just standing. Because there was literally nothing to do. NOTHING.

8. Because the nearest collection of shops sold nothing beyond everyday essentials.

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The only stores nearby were a small supermarket, a Post Office, a hardware store, and a couple of hairdressers with net curtains in their window.


9. And they were all closed on a Sunday.

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God wouldn't want you buying fresh milk on a Sunday.

11. Including that one pub absolutely no one went to.

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You genuinely didn't even know if people were allowed to go in there without an invitation.


15. Public transport was a goddamn nightmare.

The two buses that passed by each day were always late – and when you did finally get on a bus, it detoured to all the surrounding areas, meaning a 30-minute journey became a three-hour voyage.

16. So most of the time you had to rely on your parents for lifts.

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Although most requests for a ride somewhere were quickly shot down with the line "We're not your taxi service."