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    23 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up In The Middle Of Goddamn Nowhere

    "We're not a taxi service." – Your parents.

    1. If the place you were from or somewhere nearby was mentioned on the news, it felt like a big deal.

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    Even if it was for the most inane thing ever – which it always was.

    2. As did meeting someone from nearby.

    You'd then proceed to list all the people you knew in the hope of finding a mutual connection.

    3. Boredom was a constant, painful, and very real struggle.

    [i sweetly pet a wild baby deer in my lap] aww this is so boring

    4. So you spent most of your teenage years getting drunk in secluded areas.

    5. Except in the winter, when the cold forced you to take the drinking into a friend's house.

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    There was always that one friend whose parents were never home. God bless that friend.

    6. And when you weren't drinking, your plans consisted of simply standing around in different locations.

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    Doing nothing. Just standing. Because there was literally nothing to do. NOTHING.

    7. Any time serious shopping had to be done, it involved travelling to the nearest large town or city.

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    8. Because the nearest collection of shops sold nothing beyond everyday essentials.

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    The only stores nearby were a small supermarket, a Post Office, a hardware store, and a couple of hairdressers with net curtains in their window.

    9. And they were all closed on a Sunday.

    10. Although there were a weird number of pubs in the area.

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    Way more than there should have been. Like one-pub-per-person more than there should have been.

    11. Including that one pub absolutely no one went to.

    12. Wi-Fi was a constant struggle.

    Weeks of your life were wasted by buffering.

    13. And mobile signal was almost nonexistent.

    You had your own little corner in the house you knew you could rely on for signal, but other than that, mobile reception was a game of luck.

    14. One of the biggest annoyances was the inability to get food delivered.

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    A convenience no one should ever take for granted.

    15. Public transport was a goddamn nightmare.

    The two buses that passed by each day were always late – and when you did finally get on a bus, it detoured to all the surrounding areas, meaning a 30-minute journey became a three-hour voyage.

    16. So most of the time you had to rely on your parents for lifts.

    17. Because getting a taxi cost a fortune.

    18. So when one of your friends passed their driving test it felt like a big deal.

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    You finally had a means of escape.

    19. But either way, when it snowed, you were basically fucked.

    Which you had no problem with on school days tbh.

    20. Everyone knew everyone.

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    Some locals even had bizarre nicknames, like someone called Spanish Dave, who probably got his name because he went to Costa del Sol once in the '70s.

    21. Even the people they didn't know.

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    Every small community had a local boogeyman or -woman who everyone, especially kids, told stories about.

    22. And, of course, gossip was basically the local pastime.

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    As bad as you felt, you couldn’t help but join in when it was about someone you kind of knew.

    23. Even though you hated growing up there, looking back, you wouldn't want to have grown up anywhere else.

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    Whenever you look up at a light-polluted night sky, you miss the clear skies of the place you once lived.

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