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    33 Facts You Probably Need To Know About Tinder

    Do celebrities actually use the app?

    1. Tinder launched back in September 2012.

    2. The app was created by Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen, Joe Munoz, Whitney Wolfe, and Chris Gylczynski.

    3. Sean Rad and Justin Mateen first met in high school, but didn't become friends until they both attended USC together.

    4. Just like fellow tech creators Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Rad dropped out of USC to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

    5. The prototype for what would eventually become known as Tinder was called Matchbox.

    6. And upon launch, the app was missing its now famous ability to swipe.

    7. Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Tinder was initially only released in college campuses across the US.

    8. Tinder is now estimated to have over 50 million users.

    9. Swiping away in over 140 countries.

    10. And in 30 languages.

    11. Tinder has over 10 million users using the app daily.

    12. With the average person logging in 11 times a day.

    13. And all that swiping results in over 15 million matches a day.

    14. Not to mention literally hundreds of millions of rejections a day.

    15. The dating app is now estimated to be worth over $1.6 billion as a stand alone business.

    16. According to research by GlobalWebIndex, a staggering 42% of Tinder users are already in a relationship.

    17. Women spend on average 8.5 minutes on the app.

    18. Whereas men spend only 7.2 minutes.

    19. When it comes to gender, men outnumber women 60:40.

    20. The number of staff working on Tinder is somewhere around 60.

    21. With the current CEO being company co-founder Sean Rad.

    22. A huge rise in prominence came for the app during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, when athletes claimed use of the app was rife within the Olympic Village.

    23. In July 2015, Tinder introduced verified accounts for celebrities.

    24. Ed Sheeran claims to be the first approached for verification, but decided to turn the offer down.

    25. Amongst the self-proclaimed celeb users are Lindsay Lohan, Lily Allen, and Katy Perry.

    26. In March 2015, the company rolled out a premium service, Tinder Plus.

    27. The premium service comes with an undo button and the ability to search from different locations.

    28. But the app created controversy by charging over three times more for people over 28.

    29. The most Tinder obsessed country is the United States.

    30. With the United Kingdom in second place, and Brazil in third.

    31. The company is owned by InterActiveCorp, who also own

    32. Research shows that men are 37% more likely to get a match without a beard. Time to get shaving.

    33. The most recent update to the app is the inclusion of a swipe up "super like" button, which can be used when you're really interested in someone.