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18 Things You Know If You're Slightly Obsessed With Asos

Next-day delivery is a life-saver.

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1. Almost every day begins with a familiar package arriving at your door.

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2. Or, more likely, at your workplace.

Instagram: @ericarothwell

Your colleagues have definitely started noticed your obsession.

3. Because when you're constantly browsing the sale section, purchases just ~happen~.

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4. The sale email alone is enough to excite the hell out of you.

Me: wow, I hate being broke all of the time. I should stop spending money. @ASOS: *has sale* Me:

5. Which can play havoc with your bank balance.

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You've almost considered unsubscribing from the emails for the sake of your finance. Almost.

6. And your closet space is filled to bursting point.

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7. Especially if you've made the rookie mistaking of browsing the website drunk.

Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

NEVER drink and buy.

8. But it does kind of make it all the more exciting when something unexpected shows up a few days later.

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It's like a gift to yourself from past drunken you.

9. Waiting for your order to arrive feels like a lifetime.

Waiting for my @ASOS order to arrive like

10. So next-day delivery is basically a life-saver.

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Plus it's got you out of a few jams when you've desperately needed something new to wear on short notice.

11. And it's not just you who loves the arrival of an Asos delivery.

Not the only one in the house who loves it when the @ASOS delivery arrives!

Somehow cats are even more attracted to Asos boxes than they are to regular boxes.

12. Nothing compares to the heartbreak of seeing something out of stock in your size.

When something's out of stock in your size at Asos

Between the second you saw the item to the time you learned it was out of stock, you'd already imagined a million scenarios with you wearing the item.

13. The "save for later" button is both your best friend and your worst enemy.

Looking at my @ASOS save for later list like

It's great for when you're not fully committed to buying an item, but most of the time when you go back to purchase what you saved it's inevitably out of stock.

14. But hey, at least you sometimes get free crackers for some reason.

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Or if you're super lucky, a cereal bar.

Hey @ASOS someone dropped their @KelloggsUK cereal bar in my delivery. What's the address so I can return it?

15. More than once you've received a sale item that looks just a little different to how it did on the website.

When Asos Delivers Your Garms And It Looks Nothing Like Online 😠😐

16. Which means having to fill out the dreaded returns form.

17. And you've definitely made this mistake while repackaging your return delivery.

Been cellotaping my @ASOS returns for 10mins. Realised I forgot to stick the return label on that's inside the box 😩😭

18. All of the returns you've made may have lead you to a horrible realisation.

Think about how many times you've sent ASOS orders back. Now think about how many people wore the clothes you have on before you got them.