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    19 Things You Find At Every Car Boot Sale

    They're a British institution.

    1. A dozen over-stacked wallpaper pasting tables that are seconds away from collapsing.

    2. Framed film memorabilia you're like 90% sure is fake.

    3. Movie soundtracks you didn't know you needed.

    4. An item where you're not sure if the seller is making some kind of bizarre, artistic statement against capitalism.

    5. A bag full of scart leads and various other assorted cables from the '90s.

    6. Deals that aren't really deals.

    7. An item which just might be a sex toy.

    8. More typewriters than you've ever seen before in your life.

    9. Some dusty taxidermy you kind of want to buy for some reason.

    10. A painting that's almost definitely haunted.

    11. And creepy, old-timey dolls that will kill you in your sleep.

    12. Video games you forgot existed.

    13. And items that never should have existed in the first place.

    14. Someone who's taken the concept of a car boot sale just a little too literally.

    15. Used items that have no business being sold.

    16. Blue Peter annuals from the '80s.

    17. Toys that look like they have a sad past.

    18. An antique you're convinced might actually be worth a lot of money.

    19. And the best goddamn burger vans in the country.