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16 Things The Rock Did In 2018 That No One Else Could

How many aquatic mammals have you made friends with this year?

1. Meet and befriend a beluga whale like that's just a thing normal people do.

2. And become the real life version of Aquaman by making friends with a seal.

3. Look like a Baroque painting of a 17th century general.

4. Discover a baby bird and nurse it back to health like someone out of a Disney movie.

5. Eat an entire ocean's worth of sushi as a cheat meal.

6. And eat a whole pizza the size of a small child.

7. Be the world's greatest son by gifting your dad a Cadillac after he's had hip replacement surgery.

8. And be one hell of a dad by feeding his girlfriend while she feeds their child.

9. Casually work out in 99 degrees heat like it's no big deal.

10. Pose in style with a costar who just happens to be a monkey:

11. Take a break from your non-stop schedule to welcome your daughter into the world.

12. Buy one of your daughters a mini fairground just because you can.

13. Own a pet who's capable of riding a bike.

14. Get straight back to work after a 17-hour flight without missing a beat.

15. Simply look like this:

16. And turn a 2018 to-do list into a cake because paper is for losers.