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16 Things That Should Never, Ever Have Been Opened

What could be hiding inside your everyday objects? Via r/mildlyinteresting

1. This nightmarish carrot that's home to even more carrots:

2. This chess piece that had a pawn hiding inside:

3. And this knight that contained a secret dice:

4. This snap bracelet that's been made from a standard measuring tape:

5. This ceramic frog that was hiding two snowmen:

6. This tomato that was housing a guest strawberry:

7. This dice that contained an even smaller dice:

8. This screwdriver that contained, you guessed it, another screwdriver:

9. This pepper that was home to a LIVING AND BREATHING ant:

10. This wallet that was being held together with toothpaste boxes:

11. This cracked cue ball with a different cue ball just below the surface:

12. This tiny pill with an even smaller pill inside:

13. This orange that's somehow grown an extra orange on the inside:

14. This mussel shell with a cute little crab waiting inside:

15. This log that's been concealing a golf ball:

16. This apple whose seeds have already begun to sprout: