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    53 Things That Mildly Annoy Welsh People

    Other than England, of course.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    1. Being asked to say "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch".

    2. When someone tries to imitate a Welsh accent.

    3. Rain.

    4. "Oh, you're from Wales? I know someone from Wales! Do you know Somerandom Fuckingperson?"

    5. It turning out that you do actually know that person.

    6. Someone making a joke about sheep as if they're being so damn original.

    7. People complaining about there being a Welsh team in the Premier League.

    8. Microsoft Word creating a sea of red lines every time you type something in Welsh.

    9. "Do you sing in a choir?"

    10. Artists going on tour and missing out Wales completely.

    11. Having to repeat your name five times in Starbucks and them still getting it wrong.

    12. "Sorry, can you spell that please?"

    13. "Can you repeat that a little slower?"

    14. Arriva Trains Wales.

    15. People mocking your attempt to pronounce Primark.

    16. And Adidas.

    17. Everything being shut on a Sunday.

    18. England complaining about paying 5p for a carrier bag while we've been doing it for years.

    19. Getting stuck behind a tractor on your way to work.

    20. Channel 4 being number 117 instead of channel 104 on Sky.

    21. Not having a summer.

    22. Tourists complaining about the weather.

    23. Trains being delayed due to cows on the line.

    24. People saying Welsh is a dead language.

    25. Not having a Welsh flag emoji. Seriously, why isn't there one?

    26. Seeing non-Welsh people forget to thank the driver.

    27. Still having to keep the heating on in June.

    28. Not getting to experience the wonders of 4G.

    29. Barely getting to experience the magic of 3G.

    30. People thinking Wales is all coal mines and bleakness.

    31. Having to use Cardiff as a reference point when trying to explain to someone where you're from.

    32. "Is that in the Valleys?"

    33. Trains always smelling of damp dogs and weed.

    34. English people telling you about how they've won the Rugby World Cup.

    35. Opening the cupboard under the sink and getting buried by an avalanche of plastic bags.

    36. Knowing at least a dozen people with the surname Jones, Davies, Evans, or Morgan.

    37. Your parents proudly displaying a photo of you in your St. David's Day outfit for the world to see.

    38. Everything being uphill.

    39. Having to drive down winding, travel sickness-inducing roads to get anywhere.

    40. People who don't even make an effort to pronounce the place names.

    41. The Welsh football team.

    42. The phrase "Rydw I'n hoffi coffi." Seriously.

    43. "Can you speak Welsh?"

    44. "Say something in Welsh?"

    45. Train announcements being twice as long because they're read out in both Welsh and English.

    46. Not knowing if someone is saying "here", "year", or "ear".

    47. "But Wales is in England though, right?"

    48. Autocorrect making it nearly impossible to type anything in Welsh.

    49. Buses to small towns and villages not running past 6pm.

    50. The wind. The cold, unforgiving wind.

    51. Moving from Wales and having to pay for your prescriptions.

    52. And not seeing curry half and half on a menu.

    53. Paying the toll on the Severn bridge to get back into Wales. YOUR OWN COUNTRY.

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