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22 Things That Could Only Happen In Wales

All aboard the Sir Tom Jones Express.

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1. Opening up a cupboard and getting buried in plastic bags.

2. Waking up to find your garden has suddenly turned into a farm.

3. This level of anger towards an unsatisfactory takeaway.

4. This brilliantly bad shop pun.

5. And this fish and chip shop conveniently located next door to an aquarium.

6. Boarding a train named after Sir Tom Jones.

7. A night of entertainment consisting of "live mouse racing".

8. Someone busking with a harp.

10. Finding a microwave embedded in a stone wall.

11. People dressing up their pets as daffodils.

12. Encountering a tractor at the beach.

13. Seeing a guy casually taking his owl for a trip to the shops.

14. Someone thinking this is an appropriate name for a boat.

15. Having the option to buy milk from a vending machine.

16. A "famous" £1.20 shop.

17. Having your journey obstructed by a caravan blocking a country lane.

18. The perfectly natural pairing of kayaks and chips.

19. A parking spot reserved exclusively for ice cream vans.

20. This bargain of the century.

21. Having the option to bring your own alcohol to a café.