19 WTF Things That Could Only Ever Happen In Essex

    Never change, Essex. Never change.

    1. This sign that kind of ruins the secret.

    2. This unorthodox approach to policing.

    3. This guy's idea of a night out.

    4. All of these personalised number plates.

    5. This car painted to resemble a minion.

    6. This prank.

    7. This explicit soap dispenser.

    8. This extra classy ankle-bracelet.

    9. This handy guide for helping with the complex workings of a street crossing.

    10. This typo on a pizza menu.

    11. And this additional topping on a frozen yoghurt shop's menu.

    12. This dog living its best life.

    13. When the police hunted a wild predator…

    … And it turned out to be a little less dangerous than expected.

    14. This sale of the century.

    15. This huge story.

    16. And this piece of breaking news fro the Brentwood Gazette.

    17. This man with a pet lizard strapped to his back.

    18. These very necessary shop notices.

    19. And this questionable way of traveling on a dual carriageway.