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17 Things People Who Feel Skinny-Fat Know To Be True

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and some of us in more than one.

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Skinny-Fat (adj): having a small body frame, but with some built up areas of fat.

1. When you awake each morning and look into your wardrobe, it feels like nothing you own fits you.

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2. All medium-size clothes are too tight.


3. And large-size clothes are too loose.

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4. So you resort to layering up.

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5. But you don't want to buy new clothes because you're totally planning on losing a couple of pounds.

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6. You feel awkward complaining about your weight because your friends are bored of hearing about your diet stuff.

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7. If you eat one big meal, you're suddenly big again.

8. Even a night out drinking can wreak havoc on your size.


9. Which is annoying as hell when pretty much all weight gain seems to go straight to your stomach.

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10. Or sometimes another part of your body – either way, it never distributes evenly.


11. Whenever you see yourself in photos, you spend the rest of the day worrying about how you look, even though you look fine.

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12. You start a new diet or exercise regime every other week.

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13. But you mostly just diet, because who wants to spend time at the gym?


14. When you do exercise, you look in the mirror hopeful for change.

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15. And when there isn't any, you instantly start eating junk food again.


16. Even when you do stick to diet and exercise, you just don't seem to lose any weight.


17. So most of the time you're happy with the way you are. Some people have flat stomachs, some don't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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