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    23 Things People Do In Sitcoms That Would Be Weird IRL

    Living in a home you can't afford is going to bankrupt you.

    1. Hang out in the same business establishment. All. The. Damn. Time.

    2. Hail a taxi and have one show up right away.

    3. Be overly descriptive when talking on the telephone.

    4. And never end a telephone conversation by saying goodbye.

    5. Have kids who conveniently and inexplicably disappear for long periods of time and come back looking much older than they should.

    6. Develop a personal catchphrase.

    7. Have a near-violent hatred towards your parents-in-law.

    8. Casually pause to let a joke sink in.

    9. And make a joke every other sentence.

    10. Have 20+ significant relationships over the course of 10 years.

    11. Live in a huge house/apartment that's way beyond your means.

    12. Commit actions with no regard for future consequences.

    13. Enter your friend's property without even having the courtesy to knock.

    14. Always make a dramatic entrance.

    Why would you even do this?!

    15. Have a sibling you've never mentioned before suddenly show up unannounced.

    16. Not be able to clear up easy misunderstandings.

    17. Have all of your jokes be met with laughter.

    18. Speak over the TV.

    19. Have no extended friends outside of your small group.

    20. Never go to work.

    21. And be woefully incompetent at your job but somehow still get to keep it.

    22. Get into relationships super fast.

    23. And always meet your future partner in romantic scenarios, rather than through Tinder.