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23 Things People Do In Sitcoms That Would Be Weird IRL

Living in a home you can't afford is going to bankrupt you.

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1. Hang out in the same business establishment. All. The. Damn. Time.

Warner Bros.

It's good to support a local business, but the same place all the time? It would start to get just a little weird after a while.

4. And never end a telephone conversation by saying goodbye.

20th Television

If you constantly do this to your friends in the real world, the chances are that all of your friends hate you.

5. Have kids who conveniently and inexplicably disappear for long periods of time and come back looking much older than they should.

Warner Bros.

Seriously, if this is happening with the child of someone you know, call social services.

15. Have a sibling you've never mentioned before suddenly show up unannounced.

Warner Bros.

"Oh lol, this is my sister I've never mentioned. She's just going to hang around for a couple of days and fuck shit up a bit."

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