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19 Absurd Things Hipsters Have Used Instead Of Cups

Hipsters really like drinking out of science equipment.

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1. This test tube which allows you to mix your own coffee like some kind of mad, caffeine craving scientist.

My mate ordered a strong black coffee and I've never been so angry in all my life wtf even is this?

2. This wooden cup holder that comes with some moss.

Had a belated birthday meal and my drink was served in a cup of mossy soil! I found out slightly too late that it w…

3. This old tin can which probably belongs in the trash.

@WeWantPlates was not expecting my cocktail to be served in a tin can

4. This beaker filled with coffee.

If you don't drink black coffee from a flask are you really a hipster?

5. This scientific set-up.

I've reached the 'Deconstructed coffee' level of hipster joints 😫😂

6. This fancy-ass goblet.

7. This salt shaker used to store milk. Who knows what they keep in the pepper mill?

Dear @WeWantPlates how do you feel about milk served in a salt shaker?

8. This weirdly large light bulb.

I'm drinking bubble tea from a light bulb. This is next level accidental Chinese hipster.

9. This bird-free bird cage.

My $25 drink came in a birdcage

10. This flower pot for when you want to feel like a very confused gardener.

I liked this Gin-Cucumber-Mint drink but not sure it needed to be served in a flowerpot.

11. This boot-shaped glass.

look what my drink came in this morning @i_am_big_g @Jakmandoo

12. This hopefully clean fish bowl.

The drink from last night. Served in a fish bowl.

13. This steel hat that looks like a giant Monopoly piece.

Of course, why wouldn't I want my drink served in a hat?

14. This bucket and spade combo that's perfect for kids – except it's not because it's filled with alcohol.

We live in a world where we can have alcohol served in a plastic beach bucket #blessed

15. This misplaced watering can.

Gin best served in a watering can @Jekyll_n_Hyde

16. This milk bottle living a second life as a water bottle.

Fizzy "tap water" served in a filthy old milk bottle. #london

17. This poor vase who just wants to live its dream of holding some nice flowers.

Having a lemonade & they've served it in what looks like a vase. Hmm

18. This plastic bag.

So this is a Pineapple Bang. Rum, peach nectar, citrus and syrup served in a Capri Sun like bag! #Innovative #Chow

19. And these Converse shoes because who doesn't want to drink from a goddamn shoe?

You know you're in Shoreditch when your drink is served in a shoe...