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    17 Things Everyone With A Weird Sense Of Humour Just Gets

    "This gets funny in a minute, I swear."

    1. Finding someone who gets your sense of humour is pretty rare.

    2. And your conversations with that person can sometimes seem a little bizarre.

    3. You've become used to sometimes making "jokes" that no one responds to.

    4. And the things you find funny can sometimes seem strange to other people.

    5. There can be nothing worse than someone asking you what's so funny.

    6. Which is why you've nailed the art of keeping your laughter under control.

    7. Because often, when you try to explain yourself, you just seem insane.

    8. So if someone does ask what you're laughing at, you usually reply with "nothing".

    9. Which can make you look awkward.

    10. But that in itself can be pretty damn hilarious.

    11. Hey, it's better than waiting for someone to laugh as you show them something they never find funny.

    12. You have one thing, for reasons unknown even to you, that's funnier than anything else in the world.

    [whispering to date while watching Chappie when Chappie first appears on the screen] That's Chappie

    And it's something weirdly bizarre, like the movie Chappie, even though you've never seen the movie and have no intention of ever doing so.

    13. And you've been known to make jokes at inappropriate moments.

    14. You're prepared to go to extreme lengths for a joke that no one but you will find funny.

    15. Even if it involves making a fool of yourself in the process.

    16. Your jokes can get tiring.

    *mugger pulls a knife* Mugger: gimme your money Me: well this night took a SHARP turn *later* Doctor: it's a record for amount of stabs

    17. But as long as you find yourself laughing, you don't really care too much.