24 Things Customers Do That Annoy The Hell Out Of Retail Workers

    "Oh, it didn't scan? It must be free!"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most annoying thing a retail customer can do. Here are some of the responses.

    1. When a customer lies about having talked with a manager.

    2. When a customer tries to return an item without a receipt.

    3. When a customer can't distinguish between sale and non-sale items.

    4. When a customer's item doesn't scan and they say the most groan-worthy line in retail history.

    5. When a customer is shocked at the total price.

    6. When a customer hands you their trash.

    7. When a customer asks "Do you work here?"

    8. When a customer gets angry over you asking for a donation.

    9. When a customer gets angry over being asked to show an ID.

    10. When a customer doesn't have their change ready, despite spending ages queuing.

    11. When a customer cuts you off mid-greeting.

    12. And when a customer slides their money over the counter, instead of just handing it to you.

    13. When a customer thinks they're the most important customer in the store.

    14. When a customer gets mad over an expired coupon they can't use.

    15. When a customer asks for an employee discount.

    16. When a customer gives an incredibly vague description of what they're after, and gets angry when you can't figure it out.

    17. When a customer continues their phone call while you're serving them.

    18. Or when a customer has their headphones in while being served.

    19. When a customer thinks "the back" is some magical hiding place for products.

    20. When a customer is standing outside 20-30 minutes before the store opens.

    21. When a customer assumes that you have to be 40 years old to be a manager.

    22. When a customer doesn't put anything back on the shelf.

    23. When a customer acts like you're the one who sets the prices.

    24. And when a customer comes in right before closing time.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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