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    24 Things Customers Do That Annoy The Hell Out Of Retail Workers

    "Oh, it didn't scan? It must be free!"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most annoying thing a retail customer can do. Here are some of the responses.

    1. When a customer lies about having talked with a manager.

    20th Television

    "All of the managers at my store are women. Customers will say 'I talked to the manager and he said it's OK.' And then I'll smile and say 'oh he did?'"

    – s4f20ae1f7

    2. When a customer tries to return an item without a receipt.


    "It was clearly bought way over a month ago yet they demand a full refund and start yelling at you, saying 'I was in here last week, you served me!' I'm sorry, but don't yell at me if you're trying to return something that's two years old".

    – eviea44a40ff80

    3. When a customer can't distinguish between sale and non-sale items.

    Ricochet / Bravo

    "It's clearly marked what's sale and what's full price, yet customers continue to pick something up and ask 'Is this on sale?' Like, no, Carol. If it doesn't have a sale tag then it's full price."

    – eviea44a40ff80

    4. When a customer's item doesn't scan and they say the most groan-worthy line in retail history.

    Warner Bros.

    "Well it didn't scan... must be free! No, Larry, it's not fucking free."

    – stephaniea45ef2a7ff

    5. When a customer is shocked at the total price.

    United Artists

    "Customers come to the checkout with a basket full of products and only realise how much they've spent after you've scanned it all. Seriously, just look at the price tag!"

    – kirstym47ca82456

    6. When a customer hands you their trash.

    United Artists

    "Yes, I have a little trash can by my register. No, it's not for you to hand me your used tissues or other garbage from your purse to throw away for you."

    – hermanfreakinpotter

    7. When a customer asks "Do you work here?"


    "No, I chose to wear this khaki vest because I look so damn good in it."

    – pjcpagan8

    8. When a customer gets angry over you asking for a donation.

    Summit Entertainment

    "Do you think we like to get screamed at? At my store, everyone has a goal they need to meet when it's donation season and if they don't meet their goal, they get talked to. So enough with the ranting and snide comments if I ask if you want to donate a dollar."

    – hermanfreakinpotter

    9. When a customer gets angry over being asked to show an ID.

    Columbia Pictures

    "What kind of private information do you think is on that? If you want to make the return you have to show an ID."

    – katheriner45714fc50

    10. When a customer doesn't have their change ready, despite spending ages queuing.

    NBC Universal Television Distribution

    "When you're serving someone when the queue is loooong, and they say the most annoying line in the history of the world: 'Oh, I think I have the right change!' They then proceed to spend ages rummaging in their bag, pockets, and wallet for the coins."

    – alih26

    11. When a customer cuts you off mid-greeting.

    MAD tv

    "Me: Hi how arβ€”

    Customer: I'm just looking."

    – rebeccam4af22ab64

    12. And when a customer slides their money over the counter, instead of just handing it to you.


    "I'm here to help you, and doing this only makes your checkout longer!"

    – aimees4cc4784db

    13. When a customer thinks they're the most important customer in the store.


    "They see you with another customer and decide they're more important, so they interrupt and expect you to assist them immediately."

    – maddiea4bac907f0

    14. When a customer gets mad over an expired coupon they can't use.

    Passion Distribution

    "I'm sorry, Janet, but the fact that you forgot about it just isn't my fault."

    – maryamwar

    15. When a customer asks for an employee discount.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "What makes you seriously think I can give this to you? My manager has to give it to me."

    – nickjonas4455

    16. When a customer gives an incredibly vague description of what they're after, and gets angry when you can't figure it out.

    Lionsgate Television

    "They just get mad and say 'They have it at the other store, I'll just go there.'"

    – annasb

    17. When a customer continues their phone call while you're serving them.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "I don't work in retail anymore but it really grinds my gears! It's so very rude."

    – clareh48d27b3b1

    18. Or when a customer has their headphones in while being served.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I ask them if they want a bag or a receipt and they don't hear me. Then they proceed to ask me for a bag and/or a receipt."

    – alexandral40b2e181e

    19. When a customer thinks "the back" is some magical hiding place for products.

    Paramount Pictures

    "If I tell you we can't get it for a while because our warehouse is out of stock, don't come back tomorrow asking if we got it in yet. We are working on it, but seriously, chill out."

    – kitty13glitter

    20. When a customer is standing outside 20-30 minutes before the store opens.


    "They stare inside like I'm trying to hide from them. I'm not letting you in early!"

    – ashleyl31

    21. When a customer assumes that you have to be 40 years old to be a manager.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    "I had a customer ask for a manager, then once they saw me they proceeded to ask if there's an older manager they could talk to instead because I'm 'too young'."

    – desienicolet

    22. When a customer doesn't put anything back on the shelf.


    "It's beyond rude and disrespectful, and just lazy."

    – bethanync09

    23. When a customer acts like you're the one who sets the prices.

    Miramax Films

    "I don't care if you think that something is expensive. Don't make a show out of it because I don't decide the prices."

    – diegoandresl

    24. And when a customer comes in right before closing time.

    Big Talk / Channel 4

    "We can't start cleaning until you leave, which means we don't go home on time."

    – amberk4f4d6dd70

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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