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21 Things Book Lovers Feel Slightly Guilty About

No matter how many unread books you own, there's always room for more.

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2. Having your bedside table resemble a game of Jenga with all of the book you're halfway through reading.

3. Setting yourself a reading target for the year and falling short of meeting it.

4. Not being able to find a bookmark so just using the nearest thing to hand.

7. Moving house and realising just how many books you actually own.

8. Reading a book one too many times to the point where the spine breaks.

12. Getting personally offended when a book you love gets turned into a movie.

I hope the guy who just cut me off in traffic has his fav book made into a movie & the characters are nothing like he imagined them


14. Or remembering your stop but continuing to read your book while walking and holding up anyone who's walking behind you.

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16. Leaving somewhere early to get back to a book you were reading.


18. Buying multiple copies of the same book by your favourite author.

Fun fact: I own three different copies of Catcher in the Rye bc Salinger is bae.