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    21 Reasons You Need To Pack Your Bags And Head For The Welsh Coast

    Wales' best kept secret.

    1. Wales is well known for its vast mountains and charming valleys.

    Flickr: kennysarmy / Creative Commons

    Nefyn, Gwynedd

    2. But beyond the green hills and fields lies an equally beautiful coast.

    Porth Wen, Anglesey / Creative Commons

    Porth Wen, Anglesey

    3. It's a coast stretched with miles of beaches, just waiting to be explored.

    Flickr: 12587661@N06 / Creative Commons

    Rhossili Bay Beach, Swansea

    4. And inviting towns, where you're guaranteed a warm welcome.

    Flickr: samsamcardiff / Creative Commons

    Tenby harbour, Pembrokeshire

    5. You'd be forgiven for thinking you're in the Mediterranean.

    Flickr: tom_twinhelix

    Watwick Bay, Pembrokeshire

    6. There's wildlife that's certain to catch your attention.

    Flickr: jovamp / Creative Commons

    Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire

    7. And historical sites that will take you back in time.

    Flickr: branestawm / Creative Commons

    St Govans Chapel, Pembrokeshire

    8. You can avoid the crowds and soak in the sunshine.

    Flickr: microbubble / Creative Commons

    Mwnt beach, Ceredigion

    9. Or join in on celebrations.

    Flickr: jixxer / Creative Commons

    Llandudno Pier, Conwy

    10. Even the abandoned buildings have a strange beauty to them.

    Flickr: gluemoon / Creative Commons

    Talacre lighthouse, Flintshire

    11. Some areas will have you thinking that you've stepped into a fantasy world.

    Flickr: 126654539@N08 / Creative Commons

    Green Bridge of Wales, Pembrokeshire

    12. The Welsh coast is diversely beautiful.

    Flickr: gordonplant / Creative Commons

    Portmeirion, Gwynedd

    13. The North and South and can feel like two different countries.

    Flickr: ejbaurdo / Creative Commons

    Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire

    14. But they manage to combine together into one stunning coastline.

    Flickr: urddynysmon / Creative Commons

    Llangrannog beach, Ceredigion

    15. Even at night it shines in its magnificence.

    Flickr: jixxer / Creative Commons

    Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea

    16. There's always something interesting just around every corner.

    Getty Images / bahadir-yeniceri

    South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey

    17. There's a reason why people come visit the area from afar.

    Flickr: 75487768@N04 / Creative Commons

    Caernarfon Castle, Gwynedd

    18. Imagine how beautiful this would look on your Instagram.

    Flickr: f2_8 / Creative Commons

    Monknash Coast, Vale of Glamorgan

    19. There's no doubt about it: The coast is Wales' best kept secret.

    Flickr: pixelcutter / Creative Commons

    Elegug Stacks, Pembrokeshire

    20. So maybe you should think about visiting.

    Flickr: mariosp / Creative Commons

    Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

    21. P.S. Bring a good pair of walking shoes.

    Flickr: jayjerry / Creative Commons

    Gyrn Goch, Gwynedd

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