17 Reasons Coriander Is Just The Goddamn Worst

    It's the sneakiest of herbs.

    1. Let's talk about coriander aka cilantro, the weeds of Satan, lettuce of the damned, green death…

    2. In recent years the herb has seen a huge spike in popularity, and honestly, I am not OK with this.

    3. For a start, it only comes in two portions: micro and fuck-ton.

    4. So just when you think you're safe, there it is, hiding in plain sight.

    5. It's always lurking beneath the surface, like a soapy-tasting shark.

    6. And when it's served in a fuckton portion, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.

    7. You're probably going to need a drink to wash out the taste but nope, IT'S IN THERE TOO.

    8. Not to herb-shame, but it looks ridiculous – it's like some lettuce that's been hit by a truck.

    9. Want to see some coriander roots? Seriously, LOOK AT THIS:

    10. And if this photo doesn't turn your stomach, check that you still have one.

    11. Not even soup is safe from its destructive force.

    12. "Hey, this food is kind of bland, let's throw in a terrible herb." – Every city chef

    13. Seriously, having to deconstruct every sandwich should not be a thing.

    14. And lunchtime should not have to be spent digging through a wrap.

    15. Oh and it's totally trying to kill us, too.

    16. Remember, you are not alone in dreaming of a world free from the stuff.

    17. So in closing: