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34 Things Everyone Who Grew Up Drinking In Britain Has Done

From Babycham to Jägerbombs.

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1. Your first taste of alcohol probably came when your parents let you have some buck’s fizz at Christmas.

Or maybe it was a small glass of Babycham to celebrate NYE.


8. Luckily you had that one friend who was more likely than anyone else to get served.

Because they were super-tall, big-breasted, or had a passable moustache.


10. If you could choose to drink anything at this stage of your life, it would be alcopops.

It was the only alcohol that you really liked the taste of.


15. And you'd designate the task of going up and buying the drinks to one person.

If they got served, it was their job to go up and buy the drinks all night, which often gave them a free pass on paying for their own round.


20. You'd bring a bottle of Lambrini, because you were classy like that.

This shit could really get you fucked up.


21. Inevitably, the point would come when some of your friends were old enough to drink, and some of them were not.

Flickr: johngarghan / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

This was always tricky when they were ID-ing at the door and your younger friends couldn't get in.

24. So you tried to make things a little more exciting by drinking on a train.

There's nothing classier than mini bottles of Echo Falls and pre-mixed cans of cocktails.


25. And pre- drinks became a vital part of your night-out routine.


30. You have even reached the height of adult sophistication by bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party.

And drunk an unreasonable amount of Pimm's during the summer.

32. And probably drunk overpriced gin from a mason jar.