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    27 Times Scottish People Were The Funniest About Food

    No one understands food better.

    1. This girl's answer to a school question.

    2. When someone got the message wrong.

    When yer pal misinterprets a night on the sauce

    3. This school lunch.

    Here talk aboot the school being skint ,Puttin icing on a hot dog roll and calling it a cake Ahahahahahaha

    4. When this mix up happened at a hotel.

    If you need cheering up, here's a photo of the time my stepmum asked for cheese and biscuits at a hotel. 😂😂😂

    5. This Valentine's day gift set.

    6. When wee Alan nearly fitted into a Kopperberg box.

    Canny believe we nearly got wee alan to fit into a Kopparberg box

    7. This sausage roll crime.

    8. When John West was called out for their lies.

    john west yer a fuckin liar that's well hard

    9. This Just Eat delivery.

    Just ordered a milkshake and this fucking turned up 😂😂😂 wit the actual fuck am a meant to do with that

    10. When Sean turned into a chicken goujon.

    Maw's always sayin 'your gonny turn into a chicken goujon' see if she's laughin when she pulls back ma cover's tae…

    11. When this genius costume was created.

    12. When someone threw out a four pack.

    13. When this was a supermarket's idea of ready meals.

    14. This reaction to being overcharged for food.

    still affronted at being £6.24 for a pishy baguette n irn bru this morning. Baguette Express? Baguette tae fuck.

    15. When even sex got a little more Scottish.

    16. When there was no way things would last.

    Canny see that lasting three month pal

    17. This genuinely brilliant shop name.

    My 13 year old brother was asked to create a sandwich shop idea in business management and this is what he came up…

    18. When someone got this birthday cake.

    Only in #Scotland do you get the stakebake fairycake combo for your birthday

    19. This show of respect to the creator of pre-drinks.

    pre drinking is the best, whoever thought of getting pissed before actually going out and getting pissed is an absolute legend

    20. This unappetising snack.

    21. This crafty way of hiding chocolate.

    Ma maw knows a hate shreddies, n she's been hidin the scran in here for fkn ages wit a snake

    22. This carb-based crime.

    23. When someone got asked a question at KFC.

    Fuckin mastermind at KFC drive thru just asked if a was sittin in or takin away...Aye hold the door open tae a reverse inside ya stupit dick

    24. When a customer just wanted his takeaway.

    25. When there were no snitches.

    @Tesco selling something nearly two weeks out of date. #NotCool

    26. When the joke on a Penguin bar wasn't up to scratch.

    Is this a fuckin joke a want a refund a was promised hilarity alongside ma mediocre chocolate experience

    27. And when someone on Facebook just couldn't spell.