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    Updated on Nov 20, 2019. Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    22 Of The Most Offensive Things To Happen To British Food

    Curry does not belong in a Yorkshire pudding.

    1. When an afternoon tea was ~served~ on some tennis rackets.

    2. When a hotel took a request for cheese and biscuits a little too literally.

    3. When a Wimpy ran out of dishes so decided to serve up some peas in a mug.

    4. When a pint glass was considered a suitable home for a shepherd's pie.

    5. And when some bangers and mash were stuffed into a wine glass.

    6. When this abomination of a Sunday lunch came dry, microwaved, and completely unappetising.

    7. When this poor excuse for a fry-up was made.

    8. And when this one came served on a shovel.

    9. When plastic cheese was melted on some toast.

    10. When Iceland seamlessly combined the cuisine of India and northern England.

    11. When this sorry excuse for a sandwich was made.

    12. And when Wikipedia listed this classic British "sandwich".

    13. When a mother used a box of Shreddies as a decoy.

    14. When beef Wellington came on a guillotine.

    15. And the sausage roll got a rebranding.

    16. When a takeaway was killed in cold blood.

    17. When this crime was committed against an innocent Babybel.

    18. When jam was forever ruined after being made out of Pringles. Actual jam made from Pringles.

    19. When this romantic treat was cooked up.

    20. And when Walkers released a new flavour.

    21. When a school cut costs on its desserts.

    22. And when potatoes were made really, really offensive.

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