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17 F*cked Up Things Gamers Admit To Having Done

A Reddit user asked the question: “What’s the most messed up thing you’ve done in a video game?” It turns out we’re pretty messed up.

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Microsoft Studios /

"I got a villager pregnant in Fable 3. After our son was born I murdered his mother in front of him, so he was sent to an orphanage. I then returned to murder everyone in the orphanage (in front of him, obviously)."



Bandai Namco Entertainment /

"I built a complex of not-even-complete roller coasters just to have crowds of peeps board them and then get launched into more crowds. Bonus laughs if the explosion cheat was on."



Ubisoft /

"So in Assassins Creed II, you are not allowed to kill civilians. But I figured out that if you poison blade big guardsmen with their huge swords and giant axes, they would spin around uncontrollably swinging their arms, basically looking like they were moshing. You could then throw money on the floor, civilians would run over to pick it up, where they would then get smashed in the head by the crazy poisoned guards swinging their axes. Civilian murder loop holes!"