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17 Secrets Domino's Delivery Drivers Will Never Tell You

Bringing home the dough.

1. We get a pretty decent employee discount of 50%, but it's only valid in the store where we work.

2. We remember who the regular good tippers are and actually fight to get those deliveries.

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3. Because tips, which are tax-free btw, stay with the person delivering.


Sorry, everyone else involved in the pizza-making process.

4. We've seen all kinds of weird orders, so if you think your local Domino's are judging what you eat, trust me, we're not.

From pizzas with nothing but anchovies to ones containing pretty much all of our ingredients.

5. In-store jobs involve a ridiculous amount of multitasking.

Walt Disney

Domino's staff are genuinely some of the hardest-working people out there.

6. The pizza tracker is actually completely legit. Kind of.


Some people think the tracker runs automatically on a countdown timer, but each stage of progression is manually updated as your pizza is prepared. Although sometimes we may overestimate the progresses to keep things flowing smoothly on our end.

7. The old porn cliché of the pizza guy being offered sex by a hot customer never happens. Like ever.

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So don't worry, no one's putting their dick through a hole in the pizza box.

8. People asking us to draw on the box – mostly dinosaurs for some reason – is sometimes a thing.

Twitter: @MimiXoXoDawson

Which we'll usually do if we're not too busy. P.S. We're not artists though.

9. And when it comes to weird instructions, we've pretty much seen it all.

Again, if we're not too busy, we're happy to do what we can – it helps liven up our shifts a little.

10. A lot of the delivery drivers work at Domino's as a second job.

11. Although the unsociable hours most staff have to work is kind of a pain.

The busiest time is at night, meaning late-night shifts make up most of our working hours.

12. Extra dips are going to cost you, so stop asking for free ones.

13. There is no secret menu – if anyone's told you otherwise, they're lying.

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14. If we're using our own vehicle for deliveries, we get paid extra per delivery for gas and maintenance.

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In the UK it's £1 per delivery, and it America it varies, but is usually around $0.30 a mile.

15. If we've dropped your pizza, don't worry: We'd never serve it to you. We'll just go back and get you a fresh one – we're not dicks.

16. Delivering to hard-to-reach areas can be really tricky.

17. But the best thing about working at Domino's: Eating all of the unclaimed pizzas.

Oh, and the tips of course.

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