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The Average Day Of A High Schooler 10 Years Ago

Eat, sleep, check Myspace, repeat.

1. You awake to the sound of the alarm on your flip phone.

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And flip the thing open like it's your phone's fault.

2. Better take out your overloaded CD wallet and put some music on to wake yourself up.

3. And pick out an epic mix, freshly burnt from the week before.

4. First things first; start getting ready by putting way too much hair gel on.

5. Or over-straightening your hair.

6. Don't forget to wear your Livestrong bracelets, or people will think you don't care about anything.

7. Sling your backpack over one shoulder and it's time to head to school…

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8. …Where you arrive one minute late.

9. And pretty much focus your energy in class trying to avoid getting called out on stuff you don't know.

10. The rest of your focus is taken on hoping that your phone is actually on silent and nobody calls you.

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11. You make the mistake of opening a pack of gum and being seen by your classmates.

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12. But the day pretty much flies by, except for those final 5 minutes before hometime.

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13. You listen to your Discman on the way back home.

14. Or your iPod mini, if you were lucky.

15. As soon as you get in, you connect to the internet.

16. ...And wait.

17. When it's finally connected, you sign into MSN Messenger to catch up on the latest rumours.


And if someone you like is online, you turn on the "what I'm listening to" option in the hope of them seeing how cool you are.

18. You open Limewire to download some new songs and get annoyed when a completely different song plays upon download.

19. And log into Myspace to check for new friend requests.

20. Before re-evaluating your top 8 friends based on the day's events.

21. And you can't have a Facebook account yet because you needed a university email address.

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22. After logging out, you check the TV guide to see what's on tonight.

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23. Then it's time for bed and that's when you realise you've got an essay due tomorrow.

Oh well, tomorrow's a new day.

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